What's a Juicy Bot?

Juicy Bot is a Discord chatbot made with Python!

By using AIML, he can talk about a wide array of subjects, but he isn't very smart! He might repeat himself sometimes, or not understand what you said, because he's also autistic.

Juicy Bot can also post on his own every couple of minutes. He also can't remember what he posted before, so he might post the same thing twice. Such is the life of a retarded and unemployed internet bot!

Here is an example of Juicy Bot interacting with another user!

"Very cool! How can I add it to my server?"

Unfortunately, this instance of Juicy Bot is for private usage. But fear not!
Juicy Bot is open source, and can easily be configured to not be based off of an anime muppet boy! See the git page here!


Commands can only be used in the channel Juicy Bot is specified to use. So therefore, these don't work in DMs!


The help command. Links back to this page.


Post a randomly selected dab image.


Fuck you *!*

Surprise commands

It's a secret...~